When our founder, Grant Duff, first founded EPDM Solutions in 2010 he had a vision of a company that would become the leader in innovative, sustainable and cutting edge waterproofing services in South Africa. A Company that would make a meaningful change in the end users investment and give them returns on their investment far beyond their wildest expectations. After working in the industry for a time, he soon realised that most of the known products and practices available in South Africa struggled with the harsh African climate and would not serve as part of his vision for what the company should be. On a mission to find a product that could become part of this vision, Grant soon found himself attending a conference in the United States. The conference was hosted by the Sustainable Roofing and Waterproofing Alliance (SRWA), an elite group of architects, engineers, consultants and property owners from around the globe at the top of their respective fields. The main goal of the SRWA is to improve the industry practices through knowledge gained and shared from around the world. It was here that Grant was introduced to the Carlisle range of products that would become a core part of the company he envisioned. Since gaining the sole agency for Sub-Saharan Africa in 2011, Grant has been importing and applicating Carlisle products all over South Africa and never looked back. Grant now shares the knowledge and insights gained from the annual SRWA conferences with professionals here in South Africa through Continuous Professional Development Training events Nationally, accredited by the South African Institute for Architecture. Everyday Grant and all the staff at EPDM Solutions strive to achieve his vision for the company, a company that is the leader in innovative, sustainable and cutting edge waterproofing products and services in South Africa, a company that is celebrated and not just tolerated.