A half century ago, Carlisle revolutionized the commercial roofing industry with our EPDM membrane, establishing a track record of superior performance and quality that would become our hallmark. Today, more than 260,000 warranted Carlisle EPDM roof systems comprising over 15 billion square feet of membrane have been installed around the world. The history of Carlisle is built on EPDM, the number one membrane choice of consultants, contractors, architects and building owners everywhere.
Since the beginning, our attention has been devoted to the four pillars of success that customers value most: performance, energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and innovation. These are the foundation of Carlisle’s success and our commitment to every customer. Our decades-long experience with EPDM has allowed us to define the standards of quality and reliability. What does it mean to define a standard? For Carlisle, it means offering the most durable membranes at the lowest overall life cycle costs. It means more than pioneering EPDM—it means offering the first reinforced membrane, pressure-sensitive and prefabricated accessories, Factory- Applied Tape (FAT™) and the first ENERGY STAR®-qualified EPDM on the market. Defining the standard means sustainable offerings such
as the storm water retention system and a comprehensive recycling program. It means maximum energy efficiency for every EPDM roof, regardless of climate. Carlisle EPDM continues to define the standard, leading the industry with a comprehensive product line of high-performance, eco-friendly and energy-efficient roofing materials.